Here are some direct primary care questions I’ve been receiving:
How do I (as an existing patient) make an appointment?

You can call us, email us and we will also have a link that you can click on this website soon.

How many patients will you be accepting?

I’ll be enrolling up to 300-400 patients, and the slots are filling up quickly. Please do not wait until you need care to attempt to sign up, or I may not be accepting anymore patients at that time. I will be updating the website with enrollment dates and pricing soon.

How is your direct primary care practice different than traditional medical practices?

My direct primary care practice is patient focused, not problem focused.
The current system comprised of rushed visits and brief encounters does not allow for the development of the doctor patient relationship. Time is required to get to know my patients and to understand their symptoms, context, fears, and concerns. This relationship is extremely important to providing exceptional care for the patient and I will have as much time as we need to address every problem you have every time.
I work for the patient, and only the patient.
The disruption of the doctor-patient relationship by insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid has interfered with the practice of medicine. By removing this barrier to personalized care, I am restoring control of your healthcare decisions to you, the patient. We will work together to determine what is best for YOU.
I can handle simple problems without an office visit.
This probably sounds crazy, but it’s true. Currently, the only way a physician can get paid by insurance and Medicare/Medicaid is to see patients in the office, which more often than not means a large chunk of your valuable time. But often the problem is simple and could be handled in a few minutes with direct communication. I won’t be forced to see a high number of patients to pay my overhead, and will therefore be available to answer you directly when you need me, anytime by phone, secure text, and secure email.
My practice will be limited to a smaller number of patients so I will have the flexibility to be available when you need me.

What does the monthly fee cover?

In depth, comprehensive, annual wellness evaluation and a personalized yearly wellness plan
Unlimited office visits, phone, email, or virtual visits
In office lab such as urinalysis, strep screens, flu tests, and pregnancy tests.
Minor procedures such as minor laceration repair, IV fluids will be priced on a menu.
How to pay? I prefer credit card or bank draft.

I am fairly healthy and don’t go to the doctor often. How does this benefit me?

We all benefit from services tailored to our needs, and your health care should be no different. I will provide you with the care you need to optimize your health and to reach your wellness goals.
I will be available to answer questions about small things you wouldn’t take half a day off to address at a traditional medical practice.
Let’s be honest, at some point you will be sick or injured and need acute care. When that happens, you will have immediate access to your doctor who knows your personal health history completely and will take your circumstances into account when developing a treatment plan.
I will do my best to keep you out of the ER. If I save you one simple ER visit, my yearly fee (possibly 2-3 years) will pay for itself.

What happens after hours and on weekends?

Call, email, or text me. I will answer, take care of the problem, and if needed I will meet you at the office.

As your patient, do I still need health insurance?

I recommend you continue to have health insurance to cover health care costs beyond the services of my practice such as specialist care, hospitalization, radiological imaging, and labs other than those listed above.

The most cost-effective insurance to pair with direct primary care would be a high deductible/HSA plan. 

Does your practice accept Medicare/Medicaid patients?

UNFORTUNATELY for the time being I will not be able to see medicare or medicaid patients due to governmental restraints on retainer fees with these insurances.  Hopefully this will be temporary and we can find a way to make this work.  

As the practice grows I will try to MAKE THIS HAPPEN.  

I am uninsured. Can you be my doctor?

Yes. I accept all patients, regardless of insurance status.

Is your practice concierge care?

I like to call it “Direct Primary Care” but if I had to consider it concierge care, I’d call it “concierge care for the common person.” Concierge care can sometimes cost a LOT more than I’m charging, with a lot of the same provisions.

Is the membership fee tax-deductible?

Not at this time. However, Senators Hatch and Rubio have introduced a bill to the Senate Finance Committee called the Family and Retirement Health Investment Act of 2013 which would allow tax deductions for direct primary care fees.

What happens if I need to see a specialist?

I will coordinate your referral to a specialist in your insurance network, and they will bill your insurance.

What happens if I need to be admitted to the hospital?

Depending on your insurance and where they want you to go I will try and coordinate care with the admitting team.  Ideally I would like you to use the same team where communication will be the best.  The overall goal is to keep you out of the hospital as much as possible.