Sutures/Laceration Care - $20

Celestone (Steroid) Shot - $10

B12 Shot - $20

Toradol (Anti-inflammatory shot) - $10

Freezing Treament for Wart - Free

Abscess Drainage - Free

Toenail Removal (Total or Partial) - $20

Mole Removal or Biopsy* - $20​

Joint Injection/Drainage - $20​

Ear Wax Removal - Free​

Pap Smear* - Free

We have a partnership with Xpress Xrays in Metairie where they meet us at the clinic and shoot the xray here for discounted cash price.   

Labs will be at a discounted price. Done locally.  Lab company used is in Elmwood a short drive from the clinic or LabCorp in Metairie. If you would like, labs can be drawn here in the clinic by Dr. Fabacher and sent out.

We have an IN HOUSE pharmacy where we can dispense NON-NARCOTIC medications at WHOLESALE prices for our members.  

​* May require additional lab fee or pathology charge

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