Yes, we know.  It's great to have YOUR Doctor be there will you need him or when you are ill.  BUT, it's even better when he can prevent illness and help you become and stay healthy

Don't forget, Dr. Fabacher is Kinesiology trained and is well versed in nutrition, dieting and exercise.  Let him personalize a weight loss and exercise program for you.  You can sit down with him and go over your diet and Health goals.

As a team fitness, diet and health work.  He can be your coach and tailor a plan that works for YOU.  

‚ÄčIt all starts with a plan and a desire to be healthy.

WE START SLOW AND EASY.  Remember it's a LIFE STYLE change and doesn't happen over night.  

We can do:

  • Body fat analysis
  • Weight monitoring 
  • Caloric intake monitoring 
  • Portion control techniques 
  • Personalized exercise prescription

Dr. Fabacher is always trying to research the most effective and SAFE ways to diet and exercise and is looking forward to a journey to wellness with you.  Because let's be honest we all need a little help and motivation and Dr. Fabacher admittedly needs it too.  Thats where YOU come in and motivate him as well.